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    Bryan Baker is a songwriter and recording artist from Salt Lake City. He is the editor/publisher of GAJOOB Magazine, a champion of independent home recording artists. Other websites include homemademusic.com, , discoversounds.com and others. He was host of Cassette Culture Shock, a radio show on KRCL in Salt Lake City. He releases recordings as BF Baker, Blind Mime Ensemble (solo) and Baby Fred (with Joe Maki). He is a founder of the Tapegerm Collective, an experimental music artists collaboration network.

    I've developed this website to find new collaborators, encourage musicians to play and record my songs, and to book some informal house concerts. Let me know if you're interested in any of these things!

    Bryan's music is published by Blind Mime Music and licensed for performance by ASCAP. The copyright for all music on bakersongs.com is by Bryan Baker or as indicated. All rights reserved.

  • Vox Populi Review (Slug Magazine 1990)

    Seldom do I find myself so apprehensive about undertaking a critique. But how can I do justice to the inventive BLIND MIME ENSEMBLE? Vox Populi is doing all those melodious and tangible things that superficial pop and its derivative forms aren't presently. Plus giving it that authentic radical twist!

    Just who is theman behind this adventurous soulful voice? The proficient and multifaceted Bryan Baker. A weaver of tales, hopes, discontents, aspirations and augmented deliver at the apex of emotion. Call me maudlin (I know you will) but my soul takes flight whenever I hear Vox Populi.

    Baker and his collaborative Ensemble (Joe Maki, Wayne Baker, Brian Catwell, Cara Marie Baker, Gregg Allen and Cleo the demented Basset Hound) have the uncanny ability to mirror life and its many stories. And in turn, recording and capturing these tales in a cassette memoir. There's a certain crime of passion in "I Didn't Start the War" (god the truth butchers!) Other excellent pieces are the ironic "Black and White Rainbows," "Dancing In a Minefield," "The Joker Laughs At You," and "Pantomime For the Blind," which has but one fault -- it's too short (give me more!). However, the capricious "Footprints" (my fave song) has just the right incline, suspense, emotive pulse and ending! Besides songs, there's also some superb instrumental works "Ghost Hunting," "Blush" and "Pendulum" (to name a few) that warrant acclaim and critical approval for their airy, livid refrains.

    Mr. Baker, my music library and I think you're a real lifesaver and genius in which to deify... undauntingly! Even the Bealtes would be proud of your liberating pop. Don't be no rand-and-file fool, get B.M.E.'s Vox Populi at Imagine Music, Budget or Grunts & Postures. You'll feel ageless and indefatiguable when you do. And by god, what a mighty feeling!!

    review by Lars

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    Welcome to bakersongs.com

    By bfbaker, 2015-03-08
    Welcome to bakersongs.com

    I started recording at home around 1982 on a big metal Studiomaster 4-track cassette deck I bought from Guitar Center in Centerville, Utah. It was like a regular pilgramage, travelling over the mountains, through Sardine Canyon, past Brigham City, through Ogden, Layton and then exiting at Centerville west to Guitar Center. I bought the 4-track, a bass and a Drumatix drum machine and I was hooked. I recorded my first song as soon as I got home. It was called Don't Go.

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  • 7 Songs @ Random

    Starshine On Me

    album: Tapegerm Vol. 1
    genre: Experimental

    Say It

    album: Collaborations
    genre: Alternative Rock

    Old Punks

    album: Baby Fred
    genre: Alternative Rock

    Another Invisible Man

    album: Collaborations
    genre: Alternative Rock

    Dead End Road

    album: The Infectious Sea (with Hannah Galli)
    genre: Experimental Rock

    The Best Advice

    album: Elementary Penguins
    genre: Experimental Rock